Schule machen: QuerKlang
Experimental Composing at School

World premieres of group compositions by pupils of Parzival-Schule Zehlendorf, Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Gymnasium Pankow, Evangelische Schule Köpenick, Willi-Graf-Gymnasium Lichterfelde and Paul-Natorp-Gymnasium Friedenau, accompanied by Matthias Jann, Petros Ovsepyan, François Sarhan, Nuria Nunez-Hieros and Christian Kesten as well as students of the UdK Berlin



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Past Dates

“Sometimes it sounds wild and sometimes also so ... well, soft...”, says Eleni when asked about the sounds that she and her classmates have come up with. “In the beginning I had no idea that even a balloon could be an instrument”, says Linda on the topic of tonal research. “Some people think it’s easy to compose such a muddle, but it was hard work and we had to try out a lot and discuss it in order to arrive at our piece, but now it’s really good and we’re proud that we managed it”, says 10-year-old Tim on experimental composing.

At QuerKlang, it’s the pupils who make the music. That sounds mundane, but it’s actually very unusual because most people have never done it before. Unusual, too, are the ways and means of making music at QuerKlang. Extensive research is undertaken and sounds are generated with all sorts of possible and impossible objects.

The pupils need no instrumental lessons or a wealth of knowledge about music and its structures. What they do need is concentration, eager ears, good ideas and the courage to try out new things. And they need a sense of their own inner aesthetic compass that tells them which way their own piece, their composition is to develop.

In order to master all of that, the pupils are put into a team of one composer, one teacher and two university students. The team is there to ensure that the pupils undergo a multi-layered process and arrive at a result that the entire group can identify with. What emerges is curiosity and an openness towards experimental music, as well as a fundamental understanding for the working process of composing.

QuerKlang links three, generally independent working worlds: the world of school, the world of higher education, and the world of freelance musicians and composers. QuerKlang thrives off the tension resulting from these three parallel worlds – at times they can collide with a high potential for conflict.

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