Aperghis IV: Situations

Georges Aperhis

Georges Aperghis

© Xavier Lambours

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The highlight of the homage to Georges Aperghis is the most recent large-scale instrumental work the composer wrote in 2013 for the 23 Klangforum Wien musicians and Emilio Pomàrico – a constellation of artists connected to Aperghis through their long, intense collaborations. Generally, the individual musician melts into the ensemble, stepping back in favour of the whole. In the one-hour composition, “Situations”, Georges Aperghis has given strength to the individual musicians and has tailor-made music for each one of them – the result is 23 individual portraits that nonetheless conform to a large-scale format. In “Situations”, the focus is on the relationship between the individual and the group, on the many aspects that can be assumed when an ensemble plays together. A kaleidoscope of colourful polyphonies emerges in the first section, of fragments that are strung together or overlap. In the middle part, the composition is divided into constellations of solos, duos, trios and quartets, in arrangements that play and those that don’t play but sing or speak a text. In the final part, a large, intertwined movement evolves in which the individual and the group converge.

Aperghis writes about his working style that: “I seek out the discontinuity, the zigzag, the absurdity of many an encounter. It is this fragility, this danger that I look for. But even when all of these elements remain heterogeneous, at the end they must form a single “organism” – often contradictory, sometimes paradoxical, but a single organism. In doing so, I am interested in what is called the “large-scale format”.

Georges Aperghis
for 23 soloists (2013)

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