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Past Dates

“Prototypes” is a double portrait of two outstanding young sound artists who both operate on the thresholds of acoustic and electronic sound research, composition and instrument design, concert and performance: Eva Reiter und Cédric Dambrain have, each in their own way, developed original approaches in combining istrumental and compositorial practice in search for unique sonic worlds.

Cédric Dambrain will present for the first time his music controller prototype. Based on vibrotactile feedback, this new instrument facilitates a genuinely physical approach to electronic music. Eva Reiter will perform her own works as well as other compositions for viola da gamba, Paetzold contrabass recorder and tape.

Fausto Romitelli
for Paetzold contrabass recorder (1994)

Eva Reiter
for Paetzold contrabass recorder and tape (2008)

Eva Reiter
Dr. Best
for viola da gamba and tape (2007)

Mario Garuti
for two Paetzold contrabass recorders (1997)

Eva Reiter
for contrabass flute and electronics (2009)

Cédric Dambrain
Prototype Solo (2015) WP

Eva Reiter viola da gamba, Paetzold contrabass recorder
Susanne Fröhlich Paetzold contrabass recorder
Michael Schmid contrabass flute
Cédric Dambrain electronics
Alfred Reiter sound direction