Visiting Ensembles

Klangforum Wien / Emilio Pomárico

Past Dates

Since 1985 – the European year of music – the Klangforum Wien has been conceiving its own events at the Wiener Konzerthaus, doing guest performances at renowned contemporary music festivals, as well as various other collaborations with initiatives of new music theatre. »Forum« stands for both the ensemble’s artistic spectrum and its working methods. The Viennese artists convey the entire panorama of music created in the last century – »from Classical Modernism, through works by young composers, to experimental Jazz and free improvisation.« Decisions about repertoire, performances and collaborations are taken consensually by the 24 permanent members of the ensemble.

Wohin? (Whereto?) In the question-title of his work, Hans Zender names the open horizon one has to face with every new composition. For him intention and the form of performance belong together. »The direct democratic structure of the ensembles that have evolved worldwide«, says Zender »is merely a mirror to the intellectual norms that have evolved in the modern age. These have turned away from hierarchical order and towards free juxtaposition of forms. This expresses itself in the variety of styles and linguistic forms, as well as in the variety of instrumental resources and combinations.« Hans Zender reflects new music as also being a model for social behaviour. It works against that strict administrative organisation from above which has already established itself in economy and politics.

Isang Yun came to Europe twice; the first time by artistic determination, the second as a result of political force: the South Korean secret service had abducted and arrested him, only releasing him after international protests. In response to this state terror, Yun acted as a man of culture: in his compositions he embedded sound images and the feeling for time of music from the Far East into the forms of thinking of the modern Western world. Music counteracts power and authority – as utopian art. In Woe betide the cold monsters Nono draws a great bow from the harshness with which he initially crosses and counters writings on the authority of the state, to the calm sounds lifted out of time, with and on to which, ultimately, he evokes a life without fear: utopian beauty.

Concert Programm

Isang Yun [1917–1995]
Pièce concertante
for chamber ensemble [1976]

Hans Zender [born 1936]
¿Adónde? Wohin?
Concerto for violin, soprano and instruments [2008]
World premiere
Commissioned work of Klangforum Wien and musikfest berlin | Berliner Festspiele

Luigi Nono [1924–1990]
Guai ai gelidi mostri
for 2 alto voices, flute, clarinet, tuba, viola, violoncello, double bass and live electronics [1983]


Ernst Kovacic violin
Angelika Luz soprano
Susanne Otto alto 1
Noa Frenkel alto 2
Peter Böhm, Florian Bogner sound direction

Klangforum Wien
Emilio Pomàrico conductor