The 10 Selected Productions

The Robbers

Based on Friedrich Schiller
Thalia Theater, Hamburg / Salzburger Festspiele

Premiere 15 August 2008 Perner-Insel, Hallein
Premiere Hamburg 11 October 2008
Die Räuber

The Robbers

© Arno Declair

  • 2h 45, one interval
  • with English surtitles

Past Dates

Audience discussion
Tue 12 May 22:45
Moderation Birgit Lengers

Broadcast on 3sat: Sat 23 May 20:15

Two brothers with one problem. Franz Moor is the unloved younger child and frustrated Narcissus, for whom his own freedom begins where he can force others to their deaths. Karl, Franz Moor’s older brother, can be seen as a ray of light and a hedonistic hero who uses his student days to dispose of his father’s stifling love and become an outlaw freedom fighter. Nicolas Stemann demonstrates that Karl and Franz are really two sides of the same coin and both see freedom purely as their own by directing Schiller’s “Robbers” as a male hunting pack, sending them out onto the slopes as a four-voiced hydra, celebrating the text as a work for a speaking orchestra. As Franz the pack really fancy Amelia. Then it transforms into Karl, but then in quick succession it also plays Spiegelberg, Schufterle and the other robbers in the forests of Bohemia. This works so elegantly that Schiller’s brothers become a single Franzkarl and the “Robbers” a spoken work of art.


Directed by Nicolas Stemann
Stage Design Stefan Mayer
Costume Design Esther Bialas
Video Claudia Lehmann
Live Video / Video Assistant Hanna Linn Wiegel
Music Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel
Lighting Design Paulus Vogt
Dramaturgy Benjamin von Blomberg

Christoph Bantzer
Maren Eggert
Philipp Hochmair
Daniel Hoevels
Felix Knopp
Peter Maertens
Katharina Matz
Alexander Simon