The 10 Selected Productions

Kampf des Negers und der Hunde (Black Battles with Dogs)

By Bernard-Marie Koltès
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxenburg-Platz Berlin

Premiere Berlin 19 November 2003

Black Battles with Dogs

Black Battles with Dogs

© Thomas Aurin

  • 2 h, without interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience: Tue 4 May, 21:45
Venue: Volksbühne am Posa-Luxemburg-Platz

Gotscheff takes the text and turns it around; he makes of it an extremely amusing and deceptively light swan song to our images and ideas of the exotic and of colonialism, of foreignness and exploitation. And whereas he usually delights in blasting capitalism, or the U.S. in general, here the most splendid ambivalence prevails through long stretches of this production which is rife with slapstick and comedy. Gotscheff takes the projections, the images we have of each other and reveals them for what they are: ideals, delusions, illusions, lies. And it is, of course, first and foremost ourselves we are deluding with cheap, comfortable truths.
Georg Diez


Directed by Dimiter Gotscheff
Stage and Costume Design Katrin Brack
Music Bert Wrede
Dramaturgy Andrea Koschwitz
Lighting Design Hennig Streck

Horn Wolfram Koch
Alboury Samuel Finzi
Léone Almut Zilcher
Cal Milan Peschel