String quartets / Arnold Schönberg

Schumann Quartett

String Quartet I: Schönberg/Beethoven

Beethoven’s ear trumpet

Beethoven’s ear trumpet

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  • Duration 1h 40, one interval

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16:00 work introduction

Arnold Schönberg’s and Ludwig van Beethoven’s string quartets have long shared a common history. At the time, the Kolisch-Quartett already combined the premieres of Schönberg’s third and fourth quartet with late Beethoven. This juxtaposition of the advanced with the new underpinned not only Schönberg’s aspiration to be a bearer of tradition – it also consolidated the cult status of Beethoven’s late work. The German-Estonian Schumann Quartet serves as an exciting young quartet formation of this performance tradition – whereby the temporal interval between the two performed works is consciously cast extremely wide: Beethoven’s third “Rasumovsky-Quartett” with its never before heard harmonic progressions meets Schönberg’s final quartet from 1927: the highlight of a quartet series with which Beethoven not only extended form and sound of the string quartet genre into the quasi-symphonic but also laid the foundation for the habit of the public string quartet evenings we now know so well.

Arnold Schönberg [1874–1951]
String Quartet No. 4 op. 37 [1936]

Ludwig van Beethoven [1770–1827]
String Quartet No. 9 in C major op. 59,3 Razumovsky [1805/06]

Schumann Quartett
Erik Schumann, violin
Ken Schumann, violin
Liisa Randalu, viola
Mark Schumann, cello

A Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin event
with generous support of Esterházy Privatstiftung