Wie welthaltig ist unser Theater?

Forum – the debate on Inforadio

European experiences of the tension between dramatic art and reality

Past Dates

Broadcast on Inforadio Sun 17 May at 11:06 (repeated at 21:06)

“Forum – the debate on Inforadio” invites young theatremakers who are taking part in this year’s International Forum to report on their experiences: how do old, familiar, much used literary sources change in the mediated reality of the modern day? What do audiences expect of artists: edification, entertainment, amazement? What are their working conditions in Iceland and Malta, Portugal and the Urals? In other words: what is it makes young actors, dramaturgs and designers set out in these uncertain professions?

Host Harald Asel
with participants of the International Forum

In cooperation with RBB Inforadio