Der Staat / The State

By Alexander Manuiloff (Bulgaria)
German translation from the English original by Hannes Becker
Stückemarkt II

Alexander Manuiloff

Alexander Manuiloff

Past Dates

Afterwards talk with Alexander Manuiloff

MON 4 Mai 2015, 14:00 / Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Probebühne
Workshop with Alexander Manuiloff “Dramaturgy of Restrictions”
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Alexander Manuiloff’s literary theatre text “The State” needs neither director nor actors – it turns the audience into co-authors and players of each performance. Based on the phenomenon of young Bulgarians who self-immolated in 2013 as an expression of their protest, the text questions how societies constitute themselves via their common values and what is necessary for people to live together in a state.

Scenography Eva Veronica Born