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Zersplittert (Pulverised)

By Alexandra Badea (Romania/France)
German translation from the French original by Frank Weigand
Stückemarkt IV

Alexandra Badea

Alexandra Badea

© Liova Jedlicki

Past Dates

Afterwards talk with Alexandra Badea and Falk Richter

TUE 5 May 2015, 14:00 / Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Probebühne
Workshop with Alexandra Badea “Writing from an actuality image”
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Alexandra Badea’s open text “Pulverised” follows four characters through our globalised world: a production worker in Shanghai, a team leader in Dakar, a development engineer in Bucharest and a Head of Quality in these cities’ hotels. Their paths cross and their decisions show consequences on the other side of the world. Contexts are evident and yet remain marginal. The characters stay isolated, connected only through the direct response of the one who watches them.

Scenic arrangement Anne Lenk
Dramaturgy Andrea Koschwitz
Music Camill Jammal
Scenography Eva Veronica Born

Head of Quality, supply, Lyon Hans Löw
Team leader customer centre, Dakar Camill Jamall
Worker Shanghai Kathrin Wichmann
Research- and development engineer Bucharest Jenny Schily