Theatre Spectacle

The Berlin Reunion

Le rendez-vous de Berlin

A giant’s tale, narrated by Royal de Luxe
Theatre Spectacle in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Big Giant and the Little Giantess in front of the Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Reunion. The Big Giant and the Little Giantess in front of the Brandenburg Gate

© Hans Scherhaufer

You’ve enchanted Berlin! In the first four days of October nearly two million people celebrated »The Berlin Reunion« with the BIG GIANT and the LITTLE GIANTESS. Sunday the GIANTS’ tale ended with their celebratory parade through the government quarter. When the LITTLE GIANTESS and the DEEP SEE DIVER left Berlin by boat, hundreds of thousends said Good bye to the two fascinating GIANTS from the waterfront between Moltkebrücke and Elsenbrücke …

For almost thirty years Royal de Luxe under the artistic direction of their founder Jean Luc Courcoult have been synonymous with spectacular theatrical events in cities all over the world. In recent years they have developed several fantastical theatre events with enormous models of both humans and animals, controlled by up to 40 performers, which can move in an unbelievably lifelike manner. The Sultan’s Elephant, a four day spectacle in London 2006, consequently galvanised much public enthusiasm, and Le Rhinocéros caché transformed the city of Santiago, Chile, 2007 into a gigantic street theatre festival. Their latest coup, La Révolte des Mannequins for spielzeit’europa 08|09, was a type of cartoon strip acted out in ten shop windows of Berlin’s KaDeWe department store

»Royal de Luxe are comedians of the streets, artistic anarchists and physicists who love experimenting, one giant family of wanderers. True Commedia dell’Arte in this century, creating great theatre. A theatre of limitless amazement.«
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A creation by Royal de Luxe
Production spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele
Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the German Class Lottery Berlin, Cultures France and the principal sponsors Mercedes Benz and Total Deutschland.
Royal de Luxe is supported by the city of Nantes, the minister for culture and communication of France, Lieu Unique Estuaire 2009 and Zomer van Antwerpen.