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Nadja Saidakova, principal soloist of the Berlin State Ballet, has already choreographed a number of works for »Shut up and dance!«, the Berlin State Ballet's forum for young choreographers. Now she is going to tackle a larger project for the first time: for three female and six male dancers. Nadja Saidakova takes her inspiration from her personal experiences: »How is it possible to find harmony between the incredible dynamism of our crazy lives and the deep human need for self-development?« In creating this contemporary piece, Nadja Saidakova will also draw on her extensive vocabulary of classical movement.

The music will be contributed by Luke Slater, one of the international club scene's best known DJs. The design and lighting will be created by set and costume designer Lena Lukjanova, who was born in Russia and lives in Berlin.

»People circle their own egos with a constant longing for balance. But the point where everything is in equilibrium is unreachable.«
Nadja Saidakova


Choreographed and directed by Nadja Saidakova
Music Luke Slater’s 7th Plain
Stage, costume and lighting design Lena Lukjanova

Dancers Beatrice Knop, Elisa Carrillo Cabrera, Elena Pris, Michael Banzhaf, Dominic Hodal, Arshak Ghalumyan, Vladislav Marinov, Federico Spallitta, Aymeric Mosselmans

Co-production Staatsballett Berlin and spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele