Introductory Presentation, Discussion and Table Talks

Fear eats up theatre

Introductory presentation, discussions and table talks

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Fear is one of the central social topics of today, especially in connection with the workplace. For artists, this problem is particularly complex: Although many theatres’ repertoires show great awareness of social issues, the realities of their work are disastrous for many artists. In order to create a good production, artists need an environment free from fear – at the same time, they are paid below the poverty line and confronted with insecure employment, rootlessness, extreme hierarchies and outdated forms of communication. In addition, there is enormous pressure from the public and the media. How can the theatre be transformed into a sphere of constructive criticism, to a shelter of the creative and the inspiring stage fright, where failure is allowed as a part of the creative process and as a possible outcome?

14:30 jury introductory presentation
by Peter Laudenbach (journalist, Theatertreffen jury)

15:00-16:30 panel discussion
with Jens Hillje (dramaturge, director Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin), Tobias Rausch (author and director), Maren Eggert (actress), Prof Heinz Bude (sociologist)
Moderation Christine Wahl

17:00-18:15 table talks
with Frank Oberhäuser (director, member “Turbo Pascal”), Jörg Löwer (president of the Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnenangehöriger), Daniel Ris (author “Unternehmensethik für den Kulturbetrieb”, Art but fair), Judith Strößenreuter (actress, fellow International Forum), Barbara Hauck (director, lecturer, theatre pedagogue, fellow International Forum)

18:15-18:45 résumé
with Christine Wahl as well as Judith Engel and Oliver Franke (Theatertreffen bloggers 2015)