Tino Sehgal

“This Progress”

  • In English and German

Tino Sehgal in two houses:
Exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau
28 June – 8 August 2015

Tickets & Termine for the Sehgal exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau:
Single ticket € 10 / reduced € 7
Groups (from 5 persons) p. p. 7 €
Admission free up to the age of 16
Dates: SUN 28-06 to SAT 08-08-2015
WED to MON 10:00–19:00, Closed TUE

Tino Sehgal’s singular practice has been shaped by his formative studies in dance and economics, while using the museum and related institutions – galleries, art fairs, and private collections – as its arena. He considers visual art to be a microcosm of our economic reality, as both center on identical conditions: the production of goods and their subsequent circulation. Sehgal seeks to reconfigure these conditions by producing meaning and value through a transformation of actions rather than solid materials. Consequently, throughout his works he explores social processes, cultural conventions, and the allocation of roles, thereby not only redefining art production but also reconsidering fundamental values of our social system, including sustainability, originality, and ownership. Parallel to an exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau that presents a number of his other works, for Foreign Affairs Sehgal will develop a specific version of his work ”This Progress”.

By Tino Sehgal
Dramaturge Descha Daemgen