Angélica Liddell

“Via Lucis”
Poem lecture

Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell

  • In German and Spanish

Past Dates

“No expreso.
Escribo para crear el silencio.
La escritura es ante todo silencio.
Te escribo para hacer silencio.
Acepto sobrevivir así.”
Angélica Liddell – Via Lucis

This poem-lecture, composed by Foreign Affairs artist-in-focus Angélica Liddell, is presented by Altea Garrido and Irm Hermann in the Spanish original as well as in a German translation. The performance cycles through spherical abysses and exulting flights of fancy, which demonstrate Liddell’s prowess as a poet, utopian and exceptional dramatist, and contextualize the creative process of her performances.

With Irm Hermann and Altea Garrido

In collaboration with KW Institute for Contemporary Art