Georgia Sagri

“my first science fiction book, Religion”
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Georgia Sagri

Georgia Sagri

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Together with 20 musicians from Berlin from various religious backgrounds – Sufis, Jews, Christians, Muslims – artist Georgia Sagri composes a new musical and movement performance employing imitation and repetition of familiar beliefs’ movements on a path towards a future unified belief system. For Sagri, the performance is treated as a science fiction book in which monotheistic ceremonies become subjects of a “meta-religion”, which can perhaps only through their unification as gestures propose a new approach to faith and in extent to religion. This eight-hour piece, performed by the artist and her musical collaborators, visualizes the possibility of a non-individualistic approach to religion and defines the “materials” of faith by detaching them from their original significance, constantly deconstructing and exposing their micro-movements and transitions. A website aspect of the project will allow visitors to view the performance online and share their comments as it unfolds.

On the project  project website visitors can view the performance online and share their comments as it unfolds.

Performance, musical composition and website Georgia Sagri

Production: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berliner Festspiele / Foreign Affairs, Istanbul Biennal 2015