The Summer People

The Summer People

© Sonja Rothweiler

The 10 Selected Productions

Sommergäste (Summerfolk)

By Maxim Gorky
Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

Premiere Dusseldorf 10 January 2004

  • 2 h 40 min, without interval

Talk with the audience: Thu 13 May, 22:20
Venue: Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Not art, just a normal party, a couple of normal people from the front row meet on the empty stage. People in an empty box, no atmosphere, no decoration, no signs of actuality. Thus the eye is drawn to human details – the complete arsenal of social wretchedness. Jürgen Gosch’s production makes the physical abstract and the psychic concrete. This results in a merciless humour which is only entertaining if you are able to laugh at the ugliness of your own reflection. Very fine acting is hidden beneath this apparent simplicity. An ensemble of actors of flawless unity, giving their all.
Gerhard Preußer


Directed by Jürgen Gosch
Stage and Costume Design Johannes Schütz
Lighting Design Ulrich Eh
Dramaturgy Rita Thiele, Sybille Meier

Bassov, Sergei vassilievich, lawyer Thomas Dannemann
Varvara Michailovna, his wife Constanze Becker
Kaleria, Bassov’s sister Birgit Stöger
Vlas, brother of Bassov’s wife Devid Striesow
Suslov, Pyotr Ivanovich, engineer Bernd Grawert
Yulia Filippovna, his wife Eva Spott
Dudakov, Kirill Akimovich, doctor Martin Schneider
Olga Alexeievna, his wife Esther Hausmann
Shalimov, Yakov Petrovich, writer Michael Abendroth
Ryumin, Pavel Sergeievich Thomas Wittmann
Marja Lvovna, doctor Anke Schubert
Sonya, her daughter Julia Grafflage
Dvoetochie (colon), Suslov’s uncle Horst Mendroch
Samyslon, Nikolai Petrovich, Bassov’s assistant Stephan Grossmann
Simin, student Johannes Allmayer
Sasha, maid at the Bassovs’ Stephan Grossmann / Devid Striesow
Mr Semyonov, amateur actor Devid Striesow