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Wilde - Der Mann mit den traurigen Augen

By Händl Klaus
schauspielhannover / steirischer herbst Graz

Premiere Graz 20 September 2003
Premièere Hannover 10 October 2003

Wilde – Der Mann mit den traurigen Augen

Wilde – Der Mann mit den traurigen Augen

© Max Wegscheidler

  • 1 h 45 min, without interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience: Sat 15 May, 23:00
Venue: sophiensæle

This play takes its main character through all eventualities in which odd perceptions force the desperate soul to act. The magic of this surrealistic story, which constantly just scrapes by the probable or feasible, is sustained in a constant state of fine agitation. The production team of director, stage designer and musician creates a fascinating atmosphere of tension in their communal effort to hold the bewildered loser in the balance between the banal and the disconcerting. With their enthusiasm for ridiculous behaviour and bizarre motives the three weave out of this a light and humorous farewell to certainties – and this is certainly one of the most touching moments absurd theatre has produced to date.
Till Briegleb


Directed by Sebastian Nübling
Stage and Costume Design Muriel Gerstner
Music Lars Wittershagen
Lighting Design Heiko Wachs
Dramaturgiy Thomas Laue, Wolfgang Reiter

Gunter aus Bleibach Bruno Cathomas
Emil Flick Tim Porath
Hanno Flick Peter Knaack
Hedy Flick Simone Henn
Father Wilhelm Schlotterer