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How can we conquer a city, how can we give a soul to a village, how can we hold energy corporations accountable? By way of ordinary people seeing the everyday in a new light and collectively using their scope of action to experiment with what is possible in the here and now. Four people who have stirred up our public notion of what is doable with guerilla actions and aesthetic interventions will tell us what such counter-movements can lead to. The international platform Futureperfect tells the stories of these and many other individuals, organisations, and businesses that have moved from ideas to action. For the first time, the foundation Futurzwei and the Goethe-Institut present their growing collection of stories about pioneers of alternative forms of life and commerce, from 17 different countries so far.

Welcome and introduction of the Futureperfect project:
Berthold Franke, Goethe Institute’s Regional Director Central and Eastern Europe
Harald Welzer, director of FUTURZWEI. Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit
Panel talk with Péter Pozsár, Lia Rea, Till Hofmann and Grisi Ganzer
Moderator: Luise Tremel, coordinator at Futureperfect

 Futureperfect is a joint venture of the German foundation FUTURZWEI and the Goethe-Institut. An international network of partner institutions is being established along with the project.