Yaron Herman Trio

Past Dates

Yaron Herman was born on 12th July 1981 in Tel Aviv. He started out on a promising career as a basketball player on the Israeli national junior team but that was cut short by a serious knee injury which quashed his sporting ambitions. He only decided to take up playing the piano, at the age of 16. His teacher was the renowned Opher Brayer, famous for his methods based on philosophy, mathematics and psychology. Yaron was soon giving his first performances in the most prestigious concert halls in Israel.

At the age of 19, Yaron left for Boston, where he intended to attend the Berklee College of Music. He found it didn't satisfy his craving for knowledge and discovery and decided to return to Tel Aviv. On the way back he stopped over in Paris, that evening he met some musicians during a jam session and was given a contract the very next day. He never left Paris from then on. A period of musical exchanges and getting to know people followed and –thanks to his enthusiasm and talent– he soon started to make a name for himself on the Parisian musical scene and beyond.

Yaron Herman's style reflects the influence of jazz musicians and pianists such as Keith Jarrett, Paul Bley, Lennie Tristano and Brad Mehldau, modern pop artists such as Björk, Sting and Olivia, and classical composers such as Alexander Scriabin and Maurice Ravel.


Yaron Herman piano
Stephane Kerecki bass
Cedric Bec drums

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