Ensemble Denada plus JIB@JazzFest: Triofino

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Ensemble Denada

Ensemble Denada is recognized for its demanding art music, performed with a groovy twist and a dash of absurd Norwegian esprit. This 14-piece ensemble from Oslo may look like a big band, but it is truly an oversized quintet. The size and the line up generate some unique musical opportunities, boosting the interaction between composer/bandleader Helge Sunde and the performers.

It is a musical collective where the creative process leading from the rehearsal room to the stage ist he main asset, blending strict composition and total improvisation.

The concert is also a release concert for the cd Finding Nymo (ACT 9492-2)


Defne Sahin vocals
David Riano guitar
Lucia Martinez drums

Ensemble Denada

Helge Sunde composer, bandleader, trombone
Frode Nymo soprano sax
Børge Are Halvorsen alto sax, flute, alto flute
Atle Nymo tenor, bass clarinet
Nils Jansen bass sax, tubax, flute, contra alto clarinet
Frank Brodahl trumpet, flugelhorn
Marius Haltli trumpet, flugelhorn
Anders Eriksson trumpet, flugelhorn
Even Kruse Skatrud trombone
Arild Hillestad trombone
Peter Baden electronica, percussion
Olga Konkova piano
Jens Thoresen guitar
Per Mathisen bass
Håkon Mjåset Johansen drums

In cooperation with Jazz Institute Berlin