The Keith Tippett Octet / Miguel Zenón Quartet

Miguel Zenón, Keith Tippett

Miguel Zenón, Keith Tippett

© Jimmy Katz, Franz Soprani

Past Dates

Keith Tippett emerged in the late 1960s as a key figure in a vibrant new generation of British musicians. He made his mark as a pianist, composer, and leader of ensembles ranging in size from a duo with his wife, Julie Tippetts, to Centipede, the exhilarating 50-piece band featuring musicians from Soft Machine, King Crimson and other progressive rock groups alongside improvisers from the jazz world. Born in 1947, he is a musician to whom quality is more important than stylistic definitions. His new suite, “The Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogon”, is based on themes from Irish folk music and was written for his new octet, which includes several recent graduates from the Royal Academy of Music’s jazz programme along with a long-time collaborator, the drummer Peter Fairclough, and the London-based Italian trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta.
Keith Tippett at Mind Your Own Music

Miguel Zenón was born in 1976 in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. His classical saxophone studies at the Escuela Libre de Música led him to the jazz programmes at the Berklee College in Boston and the Manhattan School of Music and onwards to an extremely active life amid the New York jazz scene. Now a faculty member at the New England Conservatory of Music, he used the award of Guggenheim and MacArthur fellowships to create Caravana Cultural, an annual series of free concerts in rural areas of Puerto Rico. “Identities Are Changeable” is an extended piece in eight parts, through which Zenón examines the experience of Puerto Ricans in New York. Filmed interviews and abstract visual elements created by David Dempewolf are used alongside the music of his quartet.

The Keith Tippett Octet
The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon

Fulvio Sigurta trumpet, flugelhorn
Sam Mayne alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
James Gardiner-Bateman alto saxophone
Kieran McCloud trombone
Richard Foote trombone
Tom McCredie double bass
Peter Fairclough percussion, drums
Keith Tippett piano, composition
Guest: Julie Tippetts lyrics and vocals to “The Dance of Her Returning”

Miguel Zenón Quartet
Identities Are Changeable

Henry Cole drums
Hans Glawischnig double bass
Louis Perdomo piano
Miguel Zenón saxophone