Dylan Howe’s Subterraneans

New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin

Dylan Howe

Dylan Howe

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Past Dates

David Bowie moved to Berlin at the end of 1976, living in an apartment in Schöneberg and working with Brian Eno on music that would force the world to reassess his reputation. The albums “Low” and “Heroes” contained several atmospheric instrumental pieces, such as “Neuköln”, “Moss Garden” and “Warszawa”. Now the British drummer and bandleader Dylan Howe (born in 1969) has taken these pieces and rearranged them for his quintet, transforming them into tone-poems that establish a stimulating environment for improvisation. Howe’s album recently received the accolade – still rare for a European musician – of a five-star review in “DownBeat” magazine, whose reviewer praised what he called its “beautiful, shape-shifting and at times eerie” music.

Dylan Howe drums
Dave Whitford double bass
Ross Stanley piano
Steve Lodder synthesizers
James Allsopp tenor saxophone
With projection