Algorithmic Composition

Iamus computer

Iamus computer

Past Dates

New horizons in the artistic collaboration between man and machine are the theme of this moderated concert that presents new compositions by Iamus, a computer cluster developed by the Institute for Biomimetics at the University of Málaga. Iamus employs genetic algorithms to compose stylistically independent pieces of contemporary music. No more than a few seconds does it take Iamus to generate a new work by way of mutating musical genomes: generation after generation, a new composition arises, simulating evolutionary processes that eventually lead to scores to be performed by human musicians. – An evening that takes a glance at the world of artificial intelligence and its potential implementation in the arts.

Lejaren Hiller & Leonard Isaacson
Illiac Suite: String Quartet No. 4
for string quartet (1957)

Iamus Computer
for piano (2012)

for piano (2016) WP

for piano (2016) WP

for piano (2016) WP

for piano (2016) WP

Ensemble KNM Berlin string quartet
Theodor Flindell, violin
Lisa Werhahn, violin
Kirstin Maria Pientka, viola
Andreas Voss, cello
Gustavo Díaz-Jerez piano
Francisco José Vico moderation (in English)

In collaboration with Melomics / Research Group in Biomimetics, University of Málaga