Sound Installation

Mazen Kerbaj

Sound installation in a Berlin apartment

Sound installation Mazen Kerbaj

Sound installation

© Mazen Kerbaj

Past Dates

During the 2006 Lebanon War, Beirut-based visual artist and musician Mazen Kerbaj started drawing and audio recording as an attempt to show – and to understand – the war from a very personal perspective. The result is tantalizing and fragile sonic material: ordinary soundscapes, TV news, songs on the radio and private phone conversations, disrupted by bomb blasts and war planes, from time to time accompanied by himself with the trumpet. The result is an intimate in situ sound installation in a Berlin apartment, presented for the 10th anniversary of this war.

Mazen Kerbaj
Before the war, it was the war.
After the war, it is still the war.

In situ sound installation (2016) WP

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