Plus-Minus Ensemble

Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert

© Evy Schubert

Past Dates

Recorded for Deutschlandradio Kultur. Radio broadcast in two parts:
14 April, from 00:05
21 April, from 00:05

The British/Belgian ensemble Plus-Minus cultivates a carefully considered mix of avant-garde and experimental traditions with a particular passion for the freedom offered by open instrumentation pieces. This evening concert in three parts illustrates what they mean by this. The ensemble’s co-founder Joanna Bailie presents her “Artificial Environments” which combine field recordings with acoustic instruments; in a performative concert-lecture, Matthew Shlomowitz, her fellow co-founder, investigates the nature of bad music; and to conclude, the perspective widens to include four pieces of music from composers with whom the ensemble enjoys an aesthetic affinity.

Johannes Kreidler
Charts Music
Instrumental version by Mark Knoop (2009/2016)

Simon Løffler
for 3 performers (2012)

Natacha Diels
2.5 Nightmares for Jessie
for cello and two assistants (2014)

Alexander Schubert
Sensate Focus
for electric guitar, bass clarinet, percussion, live electronics and light (2014)

Plus-Minus Ensemble
Ilze Ikse, flute
Vicky Wright, clarinet
Maarten Stragier, guitar
Mark Knoop, piano
Aisha Orazbayeva, violin
Alice Purton, cello
Alexander Schubert live electronics