Schule machen: QuerKlang
Experimental Composing at School

World premieres of group compositions by pupils of: Bürgermeister-Herz-Grundschule Kreuzberg, Fritz-Karsen-Schule Britz, Luise-Henriette-Schule Tempelhof – accompanied by their music teachers as well as Lea Danzeisen, Sascha Dragicevicz, Miika Hyytiäinen as well as UdK Berlin students



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Past Dates

As part of MaerzMusik 2016 the QuerKlang project premieres six group compositions by Berlin school pupils. They investigate sounds, arrange them together into compositions and let other people hear their discoveries. They are accompanied by teams each consisting of a teacher, a composer and a university student. QuerKlang brings together three different working environments, the world of school, of university education and that of musicians and composers and thrives on the tensions between these worlds.

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Mathias Hinke / Hanna-Lena Kühn / Daniel Ott / Stefan Roszak / Henning Wehmeyer / Kerstin Wiehe project team

QuerKlang is a project of the University of the Arts Berlin / klangzeitort in collaboration with k&k kultkom / Kulturkontakte e.V. and Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik – Festival für Time Issues. Financed by the University of the Arts Berlin and the Lions Club Philhamonie Berlin