The 10 Selected Productions

Kasimir and Karoline

A folk play by Ödön von Horváth

Schauspiel Köln
A co-production with NT Gent and De Veenfabriek

Premiere 3 December 2009

Casimir and Caroline

Kasimir und Karoline. Markus John, Angelika Richter

© Klaus Lefebvre

  • Duration 2h 10, no interval
  • With English surtitles

Past Dates

Audience discussion
Sat 8 May 22:30
Moderation Barbara Burckhardt

“Enjoy” is spelled out in glittering golden letters which hang above the stage and a chic Opel car in this Horváth production. However the joyful mood of Oktoberfest and its sentimental gloss are emphatically banished from the play. Markus John as a greasy-haired Kasimir and Angelika Richter in the role of a more cunning than smart Karoline are the stars of the evening. One can see that Richter’s Karoline would like to “step up” socially, as Horváth puts it, because she likes walking around on the first floor of Bert Neumann’s stage among the glittery “Enjoy” letters. She always speaks a little too shrilly into her body mic to be plausible as a sweet, bubbly girl. Markus John’s Kasimir is a strong guy with shaggy hair and stubble who is too coarse and too well fed for a Don Quixote, to whom he is compared in the play. Simons takes an equally cold view of both bosses and losers, he presents the underprivileged not as theatrical battle horses but real untamed lower class predators and gutter life. For him critiquing capitalism does not mean embracing the lower classes, but rather the intelligent, warm-hearted and almost scientific consideration of individuals on a case by case basis.


'Directed by Johan Simons, Paul Koek
Music De Veenfabriek: Rik Elstgeest, Bo Koek, Paul Koek, Ton van der Meer, John van Oostrum
Costume Design Nina von Mechow
Conductor Loy Wesselburg
Dramaturgy Paul Slangen, Rita Thiele
Lighting Design Dennis Diels, Michael Frank
Head of Production Marc Swaenen

Lina Beckmann Erna
Markus John Kasimir
Jan-Peter Kampwirth Schürzinger
Anja Laïs Midget / Bell Man
Carlo Ljubek Merkl Franz
Annika Olbrich Elli
Angelika Richter Karoline
Torsten Peter Schnick First-Aid Attendant, Girl With A Beard
Felix Vörtler Speer
Julia Wieninger Maria, Juanita
Michael Wittenborn Rauch

Boris Coppieters, Dan Enderer, Robert Nacken, Loy Wesselburg, Stefan Behrisch

Using the set by Bert Neumann on the occasion of the premiere in Avignon, Papstpalast, July 2009