The 10 Selected Productions

Love and Money

By Dennis Kelly
German translation by John Birke

Thalia Theater, Hamburg

Premiere 21 March 2009

Love and Money

Love and Money. Sandra Flubacher, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Daniel Hoevels, Susanne Wolff, Stephan Schad, Hartmut Schories

© Arno Declair

  • 1h 30, no interval

Past Dates

Audience discussion
Sat 22 May 22:00
Moderation Barbara Burckhardt

The individual psychic deformations which the economic rat race brings with it are the theme of this play which is already a couple of years old but nevertheless remains a play for the current crisis. The story is told in jumps, working backwards, the story of a love which ends in a kind of murder: out of pure avarice the male protagonist David watches his wife Jess dying of an overdose of sleeping tablets and helps her on her way with vodka. The deep inner bond between performers Susanne Wolff and Daniel Hoevels gives the woodcut-like scenes of acquisitiveness, sexual prostitution and crass human indifference a disturbing sense of inevitability. The action takes place in a lower middle class cage which looks rather like a hi-tech climbing frame, the couple’s home. All the people around them; the girl’s parents, the husband’s boss, behave like deeply disturbed zombies. Kimmig presents the perverse deficiencies of this weird society in such an off-hand and archly unspectacular manner, as if it is entirely normal to desecrate other people’s graves or put other people’s chewing gum in your mouth. A night of crisis theatre to be scared of.


Directed by Stephan Kimmig
Stage Design Katja Haß, Oliver Helf
Costume Design Anja Rabes
Music Michael Verhovec
Lighting Design Matthias Vogel
Dramaturgy John von Düffel

Daniel Hoevels David
Susanne Wolff Jess, his Wife
Victoria Trauttmansdorff Debbie / Val, his Ex
Sandra Flubacher Mother of Jess
Stephan Schad Father of Jess
Hartmut Schories Duncan, an Acquaintance