Der goldene Drache [The Golden Dragon]

Der goldene Drache. Barbara Petritsch, Philipp Hauß, Johann Adam Oest, Christiane von Poelnitz, Falk Rockstroh

© Reinhard Werner / Burgtheater Wien

The 10 Selected Productions

Der goldene Drache

By Roland Schimmelpfennig

Burgtheater, Vienna

World premiere 5 September 2009, Akademietheater, Vienna

  • 1h 35, no interval

Audience discussion
Sun 23 May 22:00
Moderation Henrik Adler

The stage is white while the world that Roland Schimmelpfennig creates there is black. In brief episodes the playwright and director tells of the dark side of the globalized world, of exploitation, greed and brutality. A Chinese brother and sister stand in the centre of his high-tempo theatre evening. Both are illegal migrants, struggling to survive and losing. At the end the white stage is smeared with blood, two people are dead and the world is indifferent to their fate. Yet “Der goldene Drache” [The Golden Dragon] is one of the funniest evenings of the season because Schimmelpfennig directs his jet black social parable with a shockingly light touch. Five actors and actresses present the full cabinet of horrors of globalized everyday life on stage with lightning speed. They perform some twenty parts with comic verve in flying changes and are all cast against type: young people play old, women play men. Germany’s most performed playwright keeps this theatrical evening up in the air with consummate directing skills. The estranging devices create distance and allow a new perspective on known injustices. Or is this just social criticism in homeopathic doses?


Directed by Roland Schimmelpfennig
Stage and Costume Design Johannes Schütz
Lighting Design Felix Dreyer
Dramaturgy Amely Joana Haag

Philipp Hauß A Young Man (The Grandfather / Asian Man / The Waitress / The Cricket)
Barbara Petritsch A Woman over Sixty (The Granddaughter, Asian Woman, The Ant, The Shopkeeper)
Christiane von Poelnitz A Young Woman (The Man With The Striped Shirt, Asian Man with Toothache, The Barbie-Fucker)
Johann Adam Oest A Man over Sixty (A Young Man, Asian Man, Second Stewardess)
Falk Rockstroh A Man (The Woman In The Dress, Asian Man, First Stewardess)