by David van Reybrouck
Translated from Dutch by Rosemarie Still

World premiere December 2007, Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, Brussels

Mission. Bruno Vanden Broecke

© Koen Broos

  • 1 h 50 min, without interval
  • In German

Past Dates

Mon 6 December approx. 22:00, Side Stage
Audience discussion with David Van Reybrouck
Moderation Brigitte Fürle

With nothing in his hands and nothing up his sleeve, the Flemish actor Bruno Vanden Broecke crawls into the skin of an old, but still sprightly missionary who is looking back on his life. He talks about the Eucharist, about God, but also about being stuck in the mud, wars, stinking wounds and having gun barrels pressed against your head. David Van Reybrouck wrote this gripping monologue on the basis of dozens of interviews with missionaries from the Congo. No dead letter, but instead a story about mankind.


Directed and choreographed by Raven Ruëll
Dramaturgy Ivo Kuyl
Stage design Leo de Nijs
Lighting design Johan Vonk

With Bruno Vanden Broecke

Production Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, Brussels