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Xenofeminist Temporalities

Thinking Together – Workshop

Thinking Together

Thinking Together

  • The workshop will be in English

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Laboria Cuboniks (represented by Diann Bauer, Katrina Burch and Patricia Reed for this event) will lead a two-day workshop examining time and the temporal implications of her 2015  xenofeminist manifesto.

XF is not a bid for revolution, but a wager on the long game of history, demanding imagination, dexterity and persistence.

For there to be a long game there needs to be time and a belief that the possibility for novelty is real, for this we need time also to be real. This will be the focus of the Monday workshop.

On a very intuitive/experiential level time appears to be real, we experience duration, time appears to pass, we get older, our temporal finitude it often all too apparent but if we look at the question of what is time from the perspective of physics and on a scale well out of the range of the human, the clarity of what time is become much more disputed, a dispute between the appearance of time and its existence or not in the world.

For the first workshop we will look at the work of physicists Lee Smolin and Julian Barbour. They have largely contrasting ideas about the nature of time and we will examine some of these differences and what these contracting conceptions might mean for the possibility of novelty and change.

The second day will focus on the speculative possibilities for a "transmodern" temporality, mapping out more directly the socio-political ramifications of time. How could these new, oftentimes counter-intuitive propositions of time from various disciplines, refigure our collective epistemic horizons?

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“Thinking Together”
consists of two parts:
SAT 12 & SUN 13 March, 12:00–18:00
Conference “Time and the Digital Universe”
MON 14 to FRI 18 March, 10:00–18:00
Workshops, seminars, projects
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Curated by Berno Odo Polzer

“Thinking Together” – the discourse format is dedicated to exploring the phenomenon of time in its socio-political, philosophical and artistic dimensions. Consisting of lectures, workshops, public talks and experimental settings, the project provides time and space to reflect current time-related issues together with international guests from the fields of philosophy, political and social science, cultural studies, computer and neuroscience as well as music, dance, performance and visual art.

The opening conference under the title “Time and the Digital Universe” investigates new forms of digital time, their structures and ramifications, followed by a host of different projects between 14 and 18 March. Amongst the topics are current politico-philosophical imaginations of temporality, non-linear concepts of time, the notion of rhythm as an analytical tool, as well as the differing time practices of the arts, philosophy and science.

Hosted by Laboria Cuboniks (represented by Diann Bauer, Katrina Burch & Patricia Reed)