The 10 Selected Productions

Mittelreich (Middle Rich)

Music theatre based on the novel by Josef Bierbichler
In an adaptation by Anna-Sophie Mahler and Johanna Höhmann

Münchner Kammerspiele

World premiere Münchner Kammerspiele: 22 November 2015

Mittelreich (Middle Rich)

Mittelreich (Middle Rich). Ensemble, in the front: Thomas Hauser

© Judith Buss

  • Duration 2h 30, one interval
  • With English surtitles

Past Dates

Public discussion on 19 May, following the second performance

Being medium-wealthy is fraught with more problems than one would generally imagine. As a prisoner of his inn and its long tradition, the landlord “Seewirt” seems to have no other option but to repeat the mistakes of his elders. Escape is apparently not an option; there is far too much traction. This is one plotline from Sepp Bierbichler’s book which Anna-Sophie Mahler lays open. The other thread deals with the deluge of refugees, the displaced people who were forcibly billeted with civilians after the Second World War – unthinkable nowadays – which caused great resentment against them. The more unobtrusively Jochen Noch as Viktor clears his throat and says no more than absolutely necessary, the more this gets under our skins and shows us that this fight for prosperous territory is an archaic one, a matter of instinct. In this adaptation, there is a wealth of finely drawn characters, of excellent chorus arrangements. But if there were a danger of these arrangements drifting towards the epicurean, it is warded off by the harshness of the second part. There is an extreme transformation in Annette Paulsmann, who changes from a resolute landlady to a demented old hag in the turn of a chair. Beautifully measured are Steven Scharf’s confessions about the insanity reigning in a boys’ boarding school, where he is thrown among the clerics and, tormented by homesickness and a longing for tenderness, lets them get away with far too much.

Directed by Anna-Sophie Mahler
Stage design Duri Bischoff
Costume design Pascale Martin
Music and musical direction Bendix Dethleffsen
Conductor Julia Selina Blank
Lighting design Jürgen Tulzer
Dramaturgy Johanna Höhmann
Translation Anna Galt
Surtitles Yvonne Griesel (Sprachspiel)

Semi Steven Scharf
Young Semi / Young Sea Landlord Thomas Hauser
Old Landlord / Landlord Stefan Merki
Theres / singer Annette Paulmann
Victor Jochen Noch
Ms. von Zwittau Damian Rebgetz

On the piano Bendix Dethleffsen, Stefan Wirth and alternating Sachiko Hara, Manfred Manhart
Kettledrum Anno Kesting
Choir Junges Vokalensemble München
Extras Renate Krämer, Anna Molitor