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Talk with the Theatertreffen jury


Jury Theatertreffen

The jury of the Theatertreffen. F.l.t.r.: Peter Laudenbach, Barbara Burckhardt, Stephan Reuter, Wolfgang Huber-Lang, Andreas Wilink, Till Briegleb, Bernd Noack

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Past Dates

The jury’s concluding discussion of the Theatertreffen, in which the members of the jury together with the moderator will answer questions from the audience, traditionally takes place at the end of the Theatertreffen.

The jury for this year’s Theatertreffen consists of:
Till Briegleb
Barbara Burckhardt
Wolfgang Huber-Lang
Peter Laudenbach
Bernd Noack
Stephan Reuter
Andreas Wilink

Moderation Tobi Müller