Past Dates

Vocal jazz “made in Sweden” has long since become an international trademark. Singer Sofia Jernberg single-mindedly pursues her own ways between jazz-poetry and the abstraction of contemporary classical music, employing her voice in a mostly instrumental manner.

Jointly founded in 2004 with pianist Cecilia Persson, the music of this duo is constantly altered and advanced. No musical state is designed to last for long, yet rather stark disruptions are shunned in favour of soft transitions or minimalist displacements. On the border between precise notation and free improvisation, the band imperceptibly oscillates from warm to cold, from close to distanced, from static to dynamic. The music is absolutely transparent – one can virtually see through it in all its refractions. Besides the enchantment of Sofia Jernberg’s crystal-clear voice it is this internal friction that makes this multifariously iridescent happening so fascinating and alluring.


Sofia Jernberg voice
Cecilia Persson piano
Per ‘Texas’ Johansson reeds
Alberto Pinton reeds
Marcelo Gabard Pazos reeds
Emil Strandberg trumpet
Clas Lassbo bass
Gustav Nahlin drums