Led Bib

Past Dates

At present, England is habitat to one of Europe’s most adventuresome young jazz scenes. London-based groups such as the Portico Quartet or Acoustic Ladyland are currently setting the Thames on fire. A further part of this coterie of the so-called “Jazz Misfits” is the quintet Led Bib gathered around drummer Mark Holub.

In Led Bib different aspects of Western European everyday reality clash bluntly. The group’s structure is reminiscent of Knitting Factory-bands of the 90s whose songs often sounded like acoustical patchwork rugs. Harsh noise eruptions are abruptly terminated by contemplative or even romantic moments. But the vigour with which all this happens is an expression of a specific 21st century-sensibility. Thus, the Londoners do not declare their specific cross total of rock and jazz as “Jazzrock” but rather call it “Controlled Power” – understatement is just not their cup of tea.


Chris Williams alto sax
Pete Grogan alto sax
Toby McLaren Fender Rhodes, piano
Liran Donin bass, e-bass
Mark Holub drums