Little Red Suitcase

Past Dates

Their songs are wry, eccentric and nevertheless beautiful. The Danish-German duo Little Red Suitcase is, as it were, the European equivalent to the American group CocoRosie. With seductive sugariness they lure their listeners in order catch them, not to release them ever again. Their musical “doll house” is crawling with strange figures and objects. With charm and seemingly minimal effort the two young ladies accommodate different principles of cabaret, pop-performance and improvisation. Their pieces are ephemeral; their entire musical luggage fits into the little red suitcase referred to in their band name. Violinist/vocalist Elena Setién has already worked with Django Bates and Simon Toldam. Berlin-born Johanna Borchert is most notably known from the quartet Schneeweiß & Rosenrot. Their joint project Little Red Suitcase is a ravishing retreat to the original impulses of innocent singing, expressed on the basis of standards or original compositions.


Elena Setién vocals & violin
Johanna Borchert piano, keyboards & vocals