Long Night of the JIB

Past Dates

When Berlin’s University of the Arts (UdK) and the Academy of Music "Hanns Eisler" in 2005 merged their jazz-sections founding Jazz Institute Berlin (JIB), the long lamented separatism of the Berlin jazz education had finally come to a happy end. Ever since the JIB has been attracting virtuoso and music pioneers from all around the world to come and teach.

Both colleges had existed rather secluded from the Berlin jazz scene, but the onset of the JIB, under the supervision of Peter Weniger, has changed the situation entirely. These days, all tutors are active members of the Berlin and international scene.

The Long Night of the JIB introduces a wide spectrum of teachers and their projects – some with, others without the participation of students. Ensembles lead by John Hollenbeck, Judy Niemack, Peter Weniger, David Friedman, Björn Sickert and others not only give insight into the inner life of the JIB, but also an outlook on future options of European jazz.

Duo Élegance Friedman/Weniger

David Friedman, vibes | Peter Weniger, sax

Manfred Dierkes Trio

Manfred Dierkes, guitar
David Roloff, bass
Mario Würzebesser, drums

Judy Niemack’s Chilliada Project:

Judy Niemack, voice
Gerard Presencer, trumpet
Ludwig Nuss, trombone
Wolfgang Koehler, piano,
Marc Muellbauer, bass
... and students and faculty from the JIB

“She sings like an angel, or at least like an angel who’s heard Basie and Miles …” (Downbeat)

Judy Niemack, leader of the JIB vocal department, will present selections from her work-in-progress, the Chillida Project, inspired by Spanish artist, Eduardo Chillida, and his “Wind Comb” (Peine del Viento), three spectacular steel sculptures anchored to the rocks and surrounded by the sea in Spain. Combining photography and music with her lyrics related to light, air, water and movement, Judy will explore the elemental connection between voice and spirit.

John Hollenbeck Percussion and Sax Ensemble

Percussion: Julius Heise, John Hollenbeck, Christian Tschuggnall, Joonas Leppänen, Julian Külpmann
Alto Saxophone: Bastian Duncker, Kati Brien, Moritz Köther, Charlotte Greve

“Ziggurat (exterior)” was commissioned by the Youngstown Percussion Collective. It is inspired by both ancient ziggurats, (ancient ceremonial buildings similar to Pyramids but older-still in the modern day Iraq) and modern construction (specifically-the sounds of building sites in contemporary Manhattan). The organizational and communication systems of a typical construction team are used to organize the music in real-time. The structure of the piece is decided “on the spot” by the “contractor” and “sub-contractor” whose decisions are then quickly passed down the line to the team of “skilled workers”.

19:00 JIB Faculty Band
19:50 Duo Élegance Friedman/Weniger
20:35 Manfred Dierkes Trio
21:25 Judy Niemack’s Chillida Project
22:15 John Hollenbeck's Percussion and Sax Ensemble
22:50 Björn Sickert Archery Ensemble
23:30 Latin Band
00:10 JIB Big Band conducted by Ed Partyka