Django Bates Beloved Bird / Orchestre National de Jazz

Past Dates

Orchestre National de Jazz / Daniel Yvinec
‘Broadway In Satin’ – Billie Holiday Revisited

One might tend to assume that a programmatically oriented national orchestra's main aim was fostering its own national culture. Not so with the French Orchestre National de Jazz. After having taken up the cause of performing the songs of Robert Wyatt last year, its new programme circles around Manhattan and Broadway where –between 1920 and 1950 – the basis of our present-day jazz-canon originated.

Broadway In Satin is dedicated to the remembrance of Billie Holiday. The ensemble, directed and masterminded by Daniel Yvinec, lives up to its reputation not dwelling on the mere reproduction of the original interpretation but staging a dramatic musical experience with all available means of electronic and acoustical sound manipulation. The eponymous singer’s part is taken over by two vocalists whose vocal spectrum promises maximum contrast. Karen Lano is yet an intriguing rookie with a penchant for the Great American Songbook, Ian Siegal again, whose voice is reminiscent of Chris Farlowe, is among the troupers of British blues singing.

Django Bates Beloved Bird

Django Bates piano
Petter Eldh bass
Peter Bruun drums

Orchestre National de Jazz / Daniel Yvinec
‘Broadway In Satin’ – Billie Holiday Revisited

Daniel Yvinec conductor
Karen Lano, Ian Siegal vocals
Eve Risser piano, flutes, sound objects
Vincent Lafont keyboards, electronics
Antonin-Tri Huong alto sax, clarinets, piano
Matthieu Metzger alto, soprano and sopranino sax, electronic treatments
Joce Mieniel flutes, electronics
Rémi Dumoulin saxophones, clarinets
Guillaume Poncelet trumpet
Pierre Perchaud guitars, banjo
Sylvain Daniel e-bass, french horn, electronic effects
Yoann Serra drums