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Our cities are in motion: Global migration, digitalisation of the public sphere and a crisis of democratic forms of representation have led to a multitude of transformations in the big cities’ urban spaces. New forms of citizenship have emerged, addressing the challenges of an open society in the 21st century with confidence. Employing artistic devices and collaborative strategies, city-dwellers take their communal lives into their own hands. They strive to practise democracy in a participatory manner, to open themselves to other communities, to refute clichés and to promote civic commitment.

For the Artists Summit, alumni of Stückemarkt, International Forum and TT-Blog will be invited to go on a quest for the society of the future together. How can art contribute to the practise of new social forms of citizenship? In which ways can aesthetic practises help to transform the role of the citizen in a performative act? What is the function of the theatre at the interface between art and the urban public?

Lectures with Ole Frahm (LIGNA), Oliver Frljić

Workshops with Eleonora Herder, Sarah Israel / Taigué Ahmed, Bara Kolenc, Simone Kucher, Janette Mickan (lunatiks produktion), Tobias Rausch, Julia Roesler (werkgruppe2), Nele Stuhler/ Falk Rößler (performance collective FUX), Iury Trojaborg, Kai Tuchmann, Atej Tutta, two-women-machine-show & Jonathan Bonnici