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Workshop Presentation Normcore (A Skillshare)

International Forum – Arts and Politics Vol. I

  • With English translation

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In coaching seminars, conferences and religious rituals, performance collective TALKING STRAIGHT simulate our everyday lives as sexist, racist and repressive states of emergencies. By employing the method of immersive simulation and using “foreign language”, a self-created Central European artificial language, the performers emulate forms of social exchange, habitual rituals and social spaces for imagination to reveal and fluidise unmarked hierarchies of rule and marginalisation. In a collectively headed workshop, scholarship holders are invited to take part in a “Skillshare”-session, where the suitability of their own theatrical working methods as political tools is examined. What does “normality” mean in various cultural and social contexts worldwide? Is there a “global normality”, which could be attacked in a joint performance? TALKING STRAIGHT were invited to the Stückemarkt at last year’ Theatertreffen.

With Alicia Agustín, Daniel Cremer, houïda and Antje Prust