Workshop Presentation
International Forum

Workshop Presentation Performing Knowledge – Across Race, Gender and Postcolonialism

International Forum – Arts and Politics Vol. II

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In a joint workshop, the interdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba and the directing team Regine Dura / Hans-Werner Kroesinger will trace racist knowledge, the inscription of colonial dominance mechanisms into the contemporary social body and institutionally protected mechanisms of exclusion. Together with the fellows, they will develop progressive strategies for the fight against everyday racism as well as alternative forms of creating knowledge.

The workshop will focus on the question what a theatrical, representative art can look like beyond a reproduction of stereotypes and a discriminating production of codes. How can documentary research help to discuss neoliberal realities as well as thought and action patterns on stage and translate them into a theatrical form?

Grada Kilomba has been addressing post-colonialism and the relation between gender, race, trauma and memory for many years. In her mediational work she uncovers the external ascriptions of mainstream society as racist patterns and marginalization processes. Her works form hybrid textures on the interface of exhibition, video installation, theatre performance and science. Hans-Werner Kroesinger, the most important representative of contemporary documentary theatre, has been developing complex research projects for many years in an artistic team with Regine Dura. Based on historic report, documents, interviews and eyewitness account they address the formation of the presence, by reprocessing complex political, economic and historic processes – like wars, genocides or colonial history.

With Grada Kilomba, Hans-Werner Kroesinger / Regine Dura