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Stückemarkt II

Smiling Grapefruit (working title)
By Jan Klata

At Home
By Dorothee Brix

Jan Klata, Dorothee Brix

Jan Klata, Dorothee Brix

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Smiling Grapefruit

Two journalists are in Rome to await the death of the Pope. They want to be the first to pronounce this headline news. Klata provokes with his tales of the new Poland where the false idols of capitalism have successfully ousted God and laments the vacuum this has left behind in a speed reminiscent of video clips.

At Home

Zelda’s father, confined to a wheelchair, has asked her to return home. As one returning, she questions the attitude to life of her self-sacrificing mother, her tired-of-life father, her pregnant sister and her first love. The play uses skilful changes in perspective encased in frugal dialogue and surprising insights into worlds of thought to move us.