Laura Cerniauskaite, Johan Hess

Laura Cerniauskaite, Johan Hess

Staged Reading

Stückemarkt III

Lucy is skating (working title)
By Laura Cerniauskaite

Rosa, like a little red
By Johan Hess

Followed by talks with the authors

Lucy is skating

Kaurismäki in the theatre: at the end of the play Lucy returns to her husband, not out of love but simply because there is no good reason not to do so. The Lithuanian author uses a laconic style of language and a peculiar sense of humour to tell us, quite by the by, of the weakness of humans, their need for love and the wretchedness of their existence.

Rosa, like a little red

Rosa lives with her family at the edge of civilisation where centuries pass without change. Her fundamental longing for escape and – somehow – for love drive her into the arms of a Chinese man, thus destroying her family. The actual basic situation of this fairytale-like, mysterious play topples from scene to scene more and more into the surreal: toasters are born, ice hair clips shatter, Rosa turns to dust.