Johannes Paul Raether

“Protektoramae – Forking Horizon”

Organic Light Emitting Processiorama 5.5.4

Organic Light Emitting Processiorama 5.5.4

Photo: Melanie Bonajo © Johannes Paul Raether

Past Dates

At the centre of Johannes Paul Raether’s artistic and para-scientific work is a ‘herd’ of colourful research drag avatars. In 2013, one of these avatars, the WorldWideWitch Protektorama, was on a mission to separate the visitors jungle of Berliner Festspiele from their smartphone candy fetishes. Now, three years later, the witch returns from the peaks of the Allgäu, the midsummer rituals of the techno-magical stone circles of Scotland and the Cathedral of the Screens (aka Times Square). She will use her platform at Foreign Affairs 2016 for a series of self-partition processes, or divarication (or forking), which will include the melting of exponentiated data, smartphone invocations, sketches of new alloys, an alchemy of rare earths and the infiltration of screen high-rise racks.

09.07., 13:00
Meeting point and audio guides: Haus der Berliner Festspiele, forecourt
“DysTerb, NeoEuroGado PraYttLanth – Infiltration der Rare Screen Halde”
Limited capacity, free registration for participation via

10.07., 14:00
Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Side Stage
“Protektoramae – Forking Horizon” (title to be confirmed)
as part of “Landscapes of Uncertainty”, symposium
Free admission

Change in the programme:
16.07., 17:00

Haus der Berliner Festspiele, foyer and garden
“Protektoramae – Forking Horizon A Techno-alchemical Glossary”
Limited capacity, free registration for participation via

By and with Johannes Paul Raether

Production: Berliner Festspiele / Foreign Affairs