Dries Verhoeven

“Guilty Landscapes, episode II”
Uncertain Places. Eine Nachtausstellung

Guilty Landscapes

Guilty Landscapes

© Kevin McElvaney

The continual availability of news on laptops, televisions and smartphones makes us permanent witnesses to ‘foreign affairs’ on the other side of the world. With the video installation “Guilty Landscapes”, Dries Verhoeven confronts us with the reality of uncomfortable news images in immediate proximity. What if those images were to turn around and look back at their witnesses? In 2016, Dries Verhoeven is creating a series of episodes of “Guilty Landscapes”, commissioned by and for various international festivals.

Concept Dries Verhoeven

Production: Studio Dries Verhoeven
Co-production: SPRING Festival Utrecht, Berliner Festspiele / Foreign Affairs, Theaterfestival Boulevard ’s-Hertogenbosch, MU Eindhoven