Pere Faura

“Sweet Fever (all night version)”

Sweet Fever (all night version)

Sweet Fever (all night version)

© Alessia Bombaci

Past Dates

The iconic line dance from “Saturday Night Fever”, danced to the sounds of the Bee Gees’ “Night Fever”, has become Hollywood’s most famous representation of the world of Disco. In “Sweet Fever”, a group of dancers performs this choreography for hours – from a faithful execution to variations set to electronic music by DJ Amaranta and complemented by VJ Joan Escofet’s video footage. A ritual and ecstasylike trance ensues, with visions of the night- and party-life that explore the continual search for instant gratification. Between joy and exhaustion, the emblematic choreography unfolds reflections about the necessities of our fever nights and the effort it takes to orchestrate moments of pleasure and the space of freedom that we call Disco. This version of “Sweet Fever” will be produced specifically for the concluding night of Foreign Affairs and will last from dusk till dawn. Spectators are invited to saunter in and out as they please, to watch the dancers in a relaxed chill-out environment, or to join them in the dance.

With Laura Alcala, Oiana Altube, Pere Faura, Roser Tutusaus, Javier Vaquero
and Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzales, Julia Rodriguez, Liselotte Singer, Enrico Wey, Katarzyna Wolinska

Concept, direction Pere Faura
(Choreography of the original “Night Fever”: Lester Wilson)
Co-direction, light and space design Jordi Queralt
Co-direction, text Esteve Soler
Dj session Amaranta Velarde
Video design Joan Escofet
Choreography assistant Jefta van Dinther, Anna Rubirola
Artistic production Sandra Casals / blancproduccions
Management and touring Iva Horvat / Agente129
Administration Joan Gay

Co-production: Mercat de les flors (Barcelona) / Festival Temporada Alta (Girona) / Pere Faura company
With the support of: La Caldera (Barcelona), nunArt (Barcelona), la palomera / les antonietes teatre (Barcelona), la visiva (Barcelona), antic teatre (Barcelona)
With the special support of: 2015 creative grant of departament de cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya (CAT)