Narrative Space


By Mona el Gammal



© Michael Rudolph

  • Duration 50 min
  • In German

“RHIZOMAT” will be open from from 19 October to 4 December 2016. It can be visited by one spectator each for approx. 50 minutes. The spectators can buy tickets for certain time slots.
After purchasing your ticket, registration on is required. Following this, the venue will be announced via e-mail.

Please take note of the additional information on your ticket.

For people with limited mobility: Please contact the ticket office in advance by phone (030-25489-100).

Mona el Gammal’s Narrative Spaces are filled and charged with stories and information. Texts, objects, smells, sounds and lighting moods reveal a story that the viewer can process individually. He/she does not observe with detachedness but is right in the thick of it and puts the fragments of the story together him/herself. In doing so, each visitor finds a personal version of a story in the spaces and breathes life into it through his/her imagination.

Since 1998, Mona el Gammal has been developing the form of “narrative space” with her team by translating invented stories into real, walkable spaces on the threshold between reality and fiction. A space of possibilities, in which the visitor discovers traces and clues, linking them and causing the space empty of people to talk.

With “RHIZOMAT”, scenographer Mona el Gammal, who was born in 1986, carries forward “HAUS//NUMMER/NULL” (Stückemarkt des Theatertreffens 2014), further penetrating into the future world outlined there. In an unknown location, the visitor enters a parallel world in which the “Rhizomat” works from the underground against the dominance of the monopolizing “Institute for Methods” that controls everything. In a zone between dystopia and utopia, between obedience and freedom the visitor experiences the spaces alone and encounters the characters only in their absence.

Concept, Scenography, Stage Direction Mona el Gammal
Production Dana Georgiadis
Author Evol M. Puts
Sound Design Tom Förderer
Graphic and Sound Design Christian Bo Johansen
Lighting Design Michael Rudolph
Screen Design Tim Stadie
Surveillance and Video Technology Jens Hallmann
Assistance Artistic Direction Julia Bahn
Head of Assembly Amina Nouns
Technical Direction Hannes Trölsch
Assembly Heroes Teresa Fischer, Thomas Fischer, Florian Wulff
Joker Bastian Späth
Assistance Lighting Design Martin Siemann
Builder Martin Heise
Graphic Design Rike Will
Website Oliver Hardes, Michael Bock
Advisor Marc Poorterman
Voice Artists Petra Bogdahn, Linda Foerster, Lara Hoffmann, Siri Nase, Rike Will, Oliver Böttcher, Juri Padel, Christoph Twickel, Robert Voß
Dramaturgy Advisor Henning Fülle
Co-Author IFM („HAUS/NUMMER//NULL“) Juri Padel

A Berliner Festspiele / Immersion event

Immersion. Analoge Künste im Digitalen Zeitalter

Funded by

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung     Rudolf Augstein Stiftung

With kind support of

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hanks to: Families: el Gammal, Leimann, Georgiadis, Simon Strauß, Alexander Mayer, Diana Ròsza, Line Sexauer, Sarah Haas, Penelope Wehrli, Anke Marshall, Mr Imhoff, Mrs Ziemsen, Mrs Haaf Sonntag, Mr Langbehn, Mr Meyer, Mrs Blume, Mrs Reuter, Carsten Bleymehl, Mrs Kraulich Achenbach, Falk Hartmann, Daniel Lieben, Alexander Schröder, Torsten Beckmann, Daniel Richter, Mr Westphal, Stephanie Stresow, Marian Marx, Marco Donat, Andreas Barthelmes, Rocka Konstantin Schenke, Mr Hyzyk aerocom, Torben Otten, Daniel Zepernick, Mr Schönfeld, Tigran, Sam Hanlan, Jillian May, Florian Schneider, Thomas Krüger, Sönke Kirchhof, Phillip Wenning, Tine Bredo, Mr Mikulla, Claudia Peters, Ida and Ida