Everything is Important

Jennifer Walshe “Everything is Important”, photo from a performance

Jennifer Walshe “Everything is Important”. Photo from a performance

© Jennifer Walshe

Past Dates

The performance of Georg Friedrich Haas’ string quartet will take place in complete darkness.

“Everything is Important” is, as a philosopher would put it, a way of thinking 2016 – what it’s like to be alive right now, as slippery a concept as that might be.”
Jennifer Walshe

Not a string quartet as we know it. This evening with the genre-defining Arditti Quartet leads from soundless moving images to lightless sound and culminates in the multisensory firework of Jennifer Walshe’s new piece for voice, string quartet and film “Everything is Important”.

Peter Ablinger’s video work, shot in the desert of Iran, reflects the genre’s cultural codedness and gendered history. Georg Friedrich Haas in his latest quartet composition continue to explore complete darkness as a radical condition for performers and listeners. And Jennifer Walshe’s thoughtful and flashy “Everything is Important”, dealing with technology, ecological disaster and financial inequality, captures a glimpse of the speed and simultaneity that characterizes our mediatized reality. – A journey into different energy states, different modes of perception and different ways of relating to the world by means of composition.

Peter Ablinger
2. Streichquartett
video, 4 min., colour, sound (2009/2013)

Nasim Khorasani, violin
Kimia Ebrahimzade, violin
Shirin Abedinirad, viola
Stefanie Prenn, cello

Georg Friedrich Haas
10. Streichquartett (2016) GP

Jennifer Walshe
Everything is Important
for voice, string quartet and film (2016)

Arditti Quartet
Irvine Arditti, violin
Ashot Sarkissjan, violin
Ralf Ehlers, viola
Lucas Fels, cello

Jennifer Walshe voice