Thinking Together

An infinity that must expire, in a world that has already expired

Thinking Together – Talk

Thinking Together

Thinking Together

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Catherine Christer Hennix’ concepts of sound and light are inspired by the fundamental impact they exert on our sense of presence. By controlling the presence and absence of frequencies in a given space, the senses become tuned to specific resonances which open the mind to an alternative awareness of its own presence previously invisible to its introspection.

Since the late 1960s, Hennix has been developing a wave space based on spectral properties and just intonation which integrate not only room acoustics but also the cognitive pathways of the listener. Many traditions of sacred music have contributed to both the theory and practice of mind altering sound and light productions. This talk with the Swedish sound-artist, poet, philosopher, mathematician and visual artist Catherine Christer Hennix will explore different aspects of her multilayered, immersive artistic practice.

With Catherine Christer Hennix and Marcus Boon